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Simple, Practical, Elegant

Roulette Verseur is a one-of-a-kind pouring device for large-format bottles. Elegant, functional and easy to use, its simple, space-saving design makes a great visual impact. It is so amazingly practical and handy, that pouring the contents of large-format bottles, up to and including 18 litres, becomes a smooth and effortless task.

Entirely made in Italy 

New Design

The pouring device has a new, ergonomically and attractively designed support made from cast aluminium for improved manoeuvrability and stability during use. A metal stand also means protection from corrosion, deterioration and rust, making the device virtually indestructible.
Roulette Verseur Funzionamento-Cinghia
Roulette Verseur Funzionamento-bottiglia
Roulette Verseur Funzionamento
The bottle is secured to the pouring device at an angle, creating a spectacular effect. The support rotates 360° on itself, so that the bottle can be poured from several, different positions. The wine can be served effortlessly by any adult, whatever the size of the bottle, with no spillage or wastage thanks to the balanced tilting system of the support, which means the bottle can be brought closer to the glass in a gradual manner, for precision pouring. The bottle support has a concave space to put ice packs, which are high performance, inexpensive and easy to purchase. In this way, the bottle maintains a cool temperature during the pouring process.
particolare supporto roulette verseur A2
particolare supporto roulette verseur A1


Roulette Verseur is extremely robust and versatile, and has been tested and patented for use with a wide range of large-format bottles of different capacities, ranging from 3 to 18 litres. Easy handling and reliability features remain the same for all sizes, including the largest.


secure and elegant

Elegant-looking, flexible straps, bearing the Roulette Verseur hallmark, secure each bottle to the pouring device and ensure it is held firmly in place.

Cinghia Roulette Verseur
particolare cinghia e chiusura roulette verseur 2


Practical and Reliable

Anchoring straps are fixed by means of special toothed belts to hold the bottle in position. These belts come in different sizes, starting from the magnum format.


Unmistakably Italian

Like all the component parts making up the pouring device, the whole bottle clamping system shows great attention to detail, an undisputed, distinguishing feature of Italian expertise.

particolare cinghia e chiusura roulette verseur



On request, the base of the pouring device can be customized in different materials (marble, wood, steel, resin, etc.) and with a business logo (wineries, restaurants and banqueting organizations etc).


Cast aluminium pouring device with a black Portoro marble base.


Cast aluminium pouring device with a beige Botticino marble base.


Cast aluminium pouring device with a white Carrara marble base

Roulette Verseur RV


Italian Patent

Roulette Verseur is an Italian patented design, specially made to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing in every detail - an incomparable blend of elegance and originality.